Torah School

Temple's Torah School

A Dynamic, Inclusive and Welcoming Learning Environment​

Torah School offers a dynamic, inclusive, and welcoming environment – it is open to all families looking for a Jewish education aligned with their values. Torah School includes countless opportunities for the entire family to learn and celebrate at Temple.

At Torah School, our students:

  • Foster Jewish identity
  • Build community
  • Inspire acts of kindness and gratitude
  • Grow Hebrew literacy
  • Make a better world (Tikkun Olam)
  • Celebrate Jewish holidays
  • Connect to Jewish stories in Israel and around the world
  • Grow committed and inquisitive Jewish adults

Junior Torah School (4-5 years old)

Junior Torah School is a fun-filled introduction to Jewish learning and Temple life through Hebrew language, songs, arts and crafts, and stories.

Torah School: Grades 1 – 6

Torah School fosters Jewish understanding and joy. Curriculum covers holidays, values, Bible, history, music, and art. From learning the Hebrew alphabet in Grades 1-2 to tailored 45-minute weekly lessons in Grade 3, students progress to fluent reading by Grade 7. Grade 6 newcomers can join accelerated Mechina class for B. Mitzvah readiness. Our program includes Family Service and special programs throughout the year, aligning us with the greater Temple community.

The Grade 7 program reflects our commitment to a substantive path towards B. Mitzvah, emphasizing the values of community and responsibility.

Our B. Mitzvah program promotes Jewish community understanding beyond the ceremonial. Students explore independently, connect equally with peers and families, and attend Shabbat classes covering Reform Judaism, the significance of ceremonies, and Torah preparation.

Torah School: Grades 8 and 9

Post-B. Mitzvah students remain engaged through the MoFTY youth group and as student teachers. Our primary expectation is for students to participate in the Confirmation class and then, after that, join the classrooms as teacher assistants. Our two-year Confirmation program (Grades 8-9) explores ethics, current events, Jewish identity, etc., culminating in a Shavuot ceremony with personal statements guided by Rabbis.

To learn more about Temple’s Torah School, please contact Rabbi Kowalski, our Director of Education, at (514) 937-3575 x 210 or

We believe every child should have equal access and opportunity to participate in Torah School. Need help? Contact Rabbi Kowalski if you have any questions.


Registration is now through ShulCloud. Please contact Aliza Perez at for more information.