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How you can support Israel

Many members of our community have reached out to us inquiring how best to support Israel. Below are four trusted organizations that are accepting donations that will be sent directly to help fight the war against Hamas.

The World Zionist Organization, in collaboration with HP Indigo, is working to distribute and display posters featuring images of the abductees in major cities worldwide. High-quality posters can be ordered at no cost and collected from designated points. Please fill out your coordinates here to request a set of posters. These posters can also be downloaded for printing in different languages at

We strongly recommend that you send the attached file showing the names and pictures of the innocent people kidnapped by Hamas to the members of parliament in your region and to politicians at all government levels.

Now is the time to #StandUp for our brothers and sisters, for Israel, and show the world the faces of the children and seniors and innocent Israeli Citizens they kidnapped.

Hello, I’m Erez – Adar’s father.

I would like to request your help in Donation for My unit at the IDF.

My unit has been drafted since October 7th. Right now, it seems as though this war will continue well into winter and we are preparing to buy high-end winter equipment for the soldiers in our unit.

This equipment will enhance our preparedness and survivability in winter.

The cost of the equipment is $20,000 and we have been able to raise $18,500 of that goal. Any help securing the remaining amount will be very appreciated and help our soldiers.

Any donation to our cause is recognized for tax purposes both in Israel and abroad.

The following video provides detailed instructions and it is important to follow the instructions exactly in order to associate the donation with our unit.

Explanation – how to donate:

The link for Donation:

Thank you for your help,


Some 200 Israelis are being held in Gaza by the Hamas as hostages. Three of them are close relatives of members of Kol HaNeshama, Temple’s sister congregation.

Below, are two links to the story of one of them, Karina Ariev, a soldier kidnapped from her army base by Kibbutz Nahal Oz, told by her sister Sasha.

Please share these links, raise the awareness to one family’s terrifying story, and hopefully together we can bring an end to this tragedy.


A coalition of 50 organizations urge the ICRC to verify the status of more than 150 Israelis kidnapped and taken to the Gaza Strip

Resources for Talking with Your Child About What's Going On In Israel: