Death & Mourning

Just as our Temple family shares in each other’s celebrations, we offer comfort to one another as we mourn the loss of a loved one.

We believe that Judaism contains profound wisdom about death and mourning. We are here to give guidance and support. The two central Jewish principles in this area are to honour the deceased (kibud ha-met) and comfort the mourners (nichum aveilim).

Judaism teaches that it is a commandment (mitzvah) to stay with the deceased from death until burial. A shomer (watcher) stays with the body, which is prepared for burial with a traditional and respectful ritual of washing (taharah). Funerals are held as soon as it is possible for family and friends to assemble. Before the service, there is a brief ritual for the immediate family, known as keriah (tearing), where an item of clothing is torn as an expression of grief. The funeral service itself combines prayers and readings with a eulogy in which we pay tribute to the life of the deceased. Funerals are usually followed by burial, in which the mourners help lay their loved one to rest. This is followed by a seven-day period of mourning known as shiva, and a thirty-day period of mourning known as sheloshim. The first year of mourning is especially significant, as is the anniversary of the date of death (yahrzeit) in all subsequent years. Members of the Temple community receive notice each year of these anniversaries, so as to come and say kaddish, the mourner’s prayer, at Temple, and to light a candle of remembrance. We also have memorial boards at Temple where a light can be lit beside a loved one’s name.

Over the centuries, Jews have buried and mourned their dead in many different ways. Traditionally, cremation has not been a normative Jewish practice, out of respect for the integrity of our bodies, given by God. However, we do not believe that any practice involving the bodies of our deceased can impact upon their souls. For those who choose cremation, we officiate at their funerals, and we encourage burial of their remains. We urge families to discuss any and all issues around end-of-life planning, including cremation, and our clergy are always available for guidance.

Rabbi Grushcow’s article CREMATION, COMPASSION AND CHOICE”  CJN, December 7, 2016


Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom offers burials at the following cemeteries:

Mount Royal Cemetery:

NO PLOTS AVAILABLE. Waiting list only.

Eternal Gardens Cemetery:

Members: $2,400 per plot.  Plots  may be purchased with a $1,400 down payment and the balance of $1,000 payable the following year.

Non-members: $5,600 one payment only.

Kehal Israel Cemetery:


Lakeview Cemetery:

Members: $6,000 per plot.  Plots may be purchased with a $4,000 down payment and the balance payable in four equal installments of $500.

Non-members: $9,000 per plot, one payment only.

Cremation Burial, Mount Royal Cemetery:

Members: $1,800 plus $300 (plus tax) for inscription.
Non-members: $2,800 plus $300 (plus tax) inscription.

Mount Royal Gardens (Cremation section):

Members:  $4,000 Single Plots may be purchased with a $2,000 deposit and the balance payable in 2 equal payments of $1,000

$6,000 Double Plots may be purchased with a $4,000 deposit and the balance payable in 2 equal payments of $1,000

$8,000 Family Plots may be purchased with a $5,000 deposit and the balance payable in 2 equal payments of $1,500

Non-members: $8,000 single plot; $12,000 double plot; $16,000 family plot. One payment only.

To purchase a plot at any of the cemeteries listed above, please contact the Temple office at 514.937.3575 ext. 204 or 213.

Mount Royal, Section D-3

1297 Chemin de la Forêt, Montreal – Map

  • Burial of cremated remains is available to members and non members in the cremation burial or Mount Royal cremation sections.

Directions to Mount Royal Cemetery, Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom section

From Côte St. Catherine, turn onto Pagnuelo (south).

  1. Follow Pagnuelo to Mount Royal Blvd.
  2. Turn left (east).
  3. Take Mt. Royal Blvd. to Chemin de la Forêt.
  4. Turn right on Chemin de la Forêt. Continue to the last gate at the end of the street where you will find the entrance to Mount Royal. Follow the road to the Temple Emanu-El Beth Sholom section, and Mount Royal Cemeteries.

Eternal Gardens – Temple Emanu-El and Beth Sholom sections

33 Elm Avenue, Beaconsfield – Map

  • Plots available to Jewish Temple members as well as to Jewish non-members

Directions from Montreal:

  1. The Trans-Canada Hwy. (40) West to exit 50 / St. Charles.
  2. Turn left or south onto St. Charles. Drive down to Evergreen Drive (the street before Hwy. 138 and the 20 underpass).
  3. Turn right on Evergreen Drive until Brown Owl.
  4. Turn left on Brown Owl, follow to Elm Avenue.
  5. Make a left on Elm and continue past the railway station to the cemetery.

Lakeview Memorial Gardens

33 Elm Avenue, Beaconsfield – Map

  • Single and family plots are available. Cremated remains may be buried in traditional plots, along with caskets
  • Burial options for both Jewish and non-Jewish spouses are available
  • Plots are available to both members and non-members


  1. Follow Autoroute 20 to Saint-Charles Blvd N in Beaconsfield.
  2. Take exit 48 from Autoroute 20.
  3. Turn right onto Saint-Charles Blvd N.
  4. Slight right onto Amherst Rd, turn right on Amherst Rd.
  5. Turn left onto Av Elm and continue onto Donegani Ave.

Kehal Israel – Rodeph Sholom section

4189 Sources Boulevard, Dollard des Ormeaux – Map

Directions from Montreal:

  1. Trans-Canada Hwy. (40) West.
  2. Exit Sources Blvd.
  3. Turn north (right) onto Sources Blvd.
  4. Proceed for approximately 1 mile to the cemetery.
  5. The cemetery is on the right; before the Rideau Funeral Home and before ‘Roger Pilon’.

More information

Floral arrangements

Annual or long term floral purchases are available through the Temple office.  Please call 514.937.3575, ext. 213 for more information.

Monuments - Suggested suppliers

Berson and Paperman Monuments :

5635 Ferrier
Contact: Ms. Brandee Berson

Liben Monuments :

5200 de la Savane
Contact: Ellen

Smith Bros. Granite :

3801 Jean Talon West
Contact: Joseph Pastor

Information regarding monument specifications, repair and maintenance is available through the Temple office at 514.937.3575 ext. 213.

Memorial Boards

Please contact the Temple office for information 514.937.3575 ext. 213.

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