B’nei Mitzvah

Becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah is one of the most meaningful moments in Jewish life.

As our children step forward as adults in the Jewish community, it’s time to delve deeper into their Jewish identities, expand their Jewish knowledge, and take their place in both the Temple community and the wider Jewish world. In addition to attending Torah School on Saturday mornings, our B’nei Mitzvah students and their families participate in hands-on activities outside the classroom such as volunteering at MADA, taking a walking tour of

Jewish Montreal, and visiting the Montreal Holocaust Museum. Each student also works with a private tutor to learn his/her Torah and Haftarah portions and all the related blessings and prayers. Bnei Mitzvah at Temple are fully egalitarian for boys and girls and welcoming of all families.
We look forward to supporting your family on this journey.

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Devenir Bar/Bat Mitzvah est l’un des moments les plus significatifs de la vie juive.

Tout en franchissant une nouvelle étape vers l’âge adulte au sein de la communauté juive, nos étudiants approfondissent la signification de leurs identités juives, élargissent leurs connaissances du judaïsme et réfléchissent aux rôles qu’ils souhaitent jouer tant au sein de la communauté du Temple que dans la communauté juive sur le plan mondial. En plus d’assister à l’école de la Torah les samedis matin, nos étudiants futurs
B’nei Mitzvah et leurs familles devront également participer à diverses activités pratiques à l’extérieur des salles de classe telles que faire du bénévolat à MADA, faire des excursions à pieds du Montréal juif et visiter le Musée de l’Holocauste de Montréal. De plus, chaque étudiant devra travailler avec un professeur privé afin d’apprendre sa portion de Torah et de Haftarah ainsi que les bénédictions et les prières appropriées. Devenir B’nei Mitzvah au Temple est totalement égalitaire pour les garçons et les filles. Toutes les familles sont les bienvenues. Nous nous réjouissons, à l’avance, d’accompagner votre famille dans cette belle aventure.
Nous nous réjouissons, à l’avance, d’accompagner votre famille dans cette belle aventure.

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Hi Rabbi,

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude towards you and everyone at Temple who helped make this day possible.  You have all been so generous and helpful to me in my “Road to Bar Mitzvah“, no amount of words can express the love that I felt from a great community willing to help in however way possible. Sean equally expressed how excited he felt about his path, and discovering it with Temple.

In all my years of being a part of different synagogues, and Jewish communities, this, by far has been the most joyous, and loving, I’ve ever experienced. And I am more than excited to continue going to Temple as I can, with my family, continuing on our road.  On a personal note, I believe I have had my fires re-ignited going through the experience with Sean as he prepared for his Bar Mitzvah, and I look forward to a great future being a part of Temple.

From the bottom of my heart,

Warmest Regards, Saul